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XX-DEM / 2 - In the air  05:18
Flight info (live)
Altitude: 2006 m
Track: 144°
Ground speed: 119 kts
Member Reed Richards 4000m Wingsuit
Quirinus Quirrell 4000m Wingsuit (3)
Bikini Bottom 4000m (6)
Women of Marvel 4000m (5)
Phooey Brothers 4000m (3)
XX-DEM / 3 - 21:00 Slots: 2
703 min
Bikini Bottom 4000m
Member SpongeBob SquarePants 4000m
Member Patrick Star 4000m
Member Squidward Tentacles 4000m
Member Gerald 'Gary' Wilson 4000m
Member Mr Crabs 4000m
Member Sandy Cheeks 4000m
Hannah Abbott 4000m Wingsuit
Member Hannah Abbott 4000m Wingsuit
Member Sirius Black 4000m Wingsuit
Member Penelope Clearwater 4000m Wingsuit
Member Albus Dumbledore 4000m Wingsuit
Member Marietta Edgecombe 4000m Wingsuit
Member Seamus Finnigan 4000m Wingsuit
Member Hermione Granger 4000m Wingsuit
Member Rubeus Hagrid 4000m Wingsuit
Fantastic Four 4000m
Member Reed Richards 4000m
Member Susan Storm 4000m
Member Johnny Storm 4000m
Member Ben Grimm 4000m
Member Shaggy Rogers 4000m Cockpit
Member Fred Jones 4000m Cockpit
XX-DEM / 4 - 21:30
Quirinus Quirrell 4000m Wingsuit
Member Quirinus Quirrell 4000m Wingsuit
Member Rowena Ravenclaw 4000m Wingsuit
Member Salazar Slytherin 4000m Wingsuit
Women of Marvel 4000m
Member Black Widow 4000m
Member Carol Danvers 4000m
Member Kamala Khan 4000m
Member Scarlet Witch 4000m
Member Jennifer Walters 4000m
BigBang-12 6000m Display (12)
XX-DEM / 5 - 22:00 Slots: 21 Sunset load
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